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Break-Free CLP

For Faster, More Efficient Firearm Maintenance

This handy, hypodermic-style applicator can accurately apply CLP to slide rails, locking lugs, hammer and trigger mechanisms, as well as other hard-to-reach places with no mess or waste.

The Precision Shooter is a crucial piece of maintenance equipment for any firearm. Its needle-style applicator delivers 7.5ml of Break Free’s proprietary CLP with pinpoint accuracy. Only 5 ¼” long and ½” in diameter, the Precision Shooter is compact and perfect for use in the field, armory or home.

CLP was designed specifically to meet the U.S. military’s requirement for one chemical that would clean, lubricate and protect its weapons. CLP meets that requirement under MIL-SPEC-PRF 63460. CLP, which is made from the highest quality synthetic oils, displaces and loosens firing residue and other contaminants while simultaneously reducing metal-to-metal wear. CLP does not degrade under high temperatures or extreme pressure.

CLP Precision Shooter